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Lord of the Rings

An Elf leaving Middle-earth reminisces. Rated: G.
Nominated for the MEFA 2010

The Albatross
Lord Cirdan tells a story to comfort a lonely child. Rated: G.

From Out of the Darkness
Sometimes memories are all we have. Written for the Edhellond Yule Challenge. Rated: G.
2005 Flame of Anor Award Winner - Best Original Character

Gildor responds to a friend in need. Rated: G.

Adventure in the Golden Woods
Rumil and Orophin capture Lord Celeborn. Rated: G.

Lord of the Rings - Slash

Last Regrets
Celebrimbor's last moments. Rated: PG-13.
2006 MPA Winner - 1st Place - Silmarillion

Hunters' Moon
When the leaves of Autumn fall and the crops are harvested, hunters can see their prey by the moon's bright light. A Lothlórien comedy - Haldir moons over Lindir. Rated: PG-13.

Little Elrohir searches for that which is lost and Erestor finds there is more to life than work. Loosely based on the concept of a child's imaginary friend. Rated: PG-15.
Nominated for the MEFA, MPA, Mithril (2004) and BAFTA (2005) Awards

The Messenger
Erestor is the victim of a prank and wonders who is behind it. Rated: PG-13.

The Gift
Tutored by the most renowned Elves of Middle-earth, a young Elf with a tragic past doubts his self-worth. A coming of age, romantic story. Rated: PG-15.
Nominated for the MPA (2003, 2004) and the MEFA (2004)


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