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Story Illustrations -
Daz3d and PhotoShop Digital Art

Captured - Adventure in the Golden Woods Lindir with Harp - The Gift Under the Bed - Warrior Glorfindel and Elladan - Warrior

Cirdan and Little Lindir - The Albatross Lindir and Tilliel - Hunters' Moon Erestor - The Messenger Celebrimbor - Last Regrets
Death of Celebrimbor - Last Regrets CTGFP Placeholder CTGFP Placeholder CTGFP Placeholder

Photo Manipulation -
LOTR and Other

Haldir - for Jessie Glorfindel and Ecthelion - Roadies RPG Thranduil of Mirkwood Maedhros for Raven

Lindir The Twins - Dallesandro - For Chloe Ecthelion Tint Reverie

Daz3d and PhotoShop Digital Art

Until Remembrance Hiro - Lighting Experiment Waiting - Galadriel and Celeborn

Young Elrohir Laura by Candlelight For the Old Ones The End of the Rainbow

Under the Sea The Violet Fairy The Valentine Fairy The Winter Fairy

The Hunters The Blessing The Accused The Gypsies

Yule Dreams The Little Match Girl Christmas Card 2003 Easter Egg Hunt

Sandbox Play Vicki Wilander Geisha Blushing Bride
Blushing Bride Two Blushing Bride Group Egg Fairy CTGFP Placeholder

Original PhotoShop Digital Art

Original Art - Portrait of an Elf Original Art Thumbnail StarsThumbnail Christmas Card 2020 Thumbnail

Gifted from Friends

Dawn by Leanan Lindir by BButtercup Lindir by Casualis Glorfindel by Casualis

Lindir by Leanan

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