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Hunters' Moon
by Mirasaui

Summary: Hunters' Moon - the next full moon after the Harvest Moon. When the leaves of autumn fall and the crops are harvested, hunters can see their prey by the moon's bright light. A Lothlórien comedy: Haldir moons over Lindir.
Disclaimer: The characters are Tolkien's creations, not mine. This is all just for fun.
Story Notes and Warnings: Romance, humour, AU. Mild slash and het. Written for the Lindir October Secret Friend Challenge for Krit_black. Rating: PG-13.
Characters: Lindir/Tilliel, Lindir/Haldir, Orophin, Rúmil, Glorfindel
Thanks to betas Larian_elensar and Alex_cat

Part 1: Moonstruck
- Haldir has fallen for Lindir but avoids the minstrel like the plague. Rumil and Orophin wonder why.
Part 2: Tilliel (or The Dish ran away with the Spoon)
- On the eve of the Festival of Narbelth, Tilliel propositions Lindir, distressing the Marchwarden.
Part 3: Going on a Fox Hunt
- Under the Hunters' Moon, hunters can see their prey by the moon's bright light. Haldir goes a' hunting a fox.
Part 4: Of Mellryn and Moons and Môrellothas
- Haldir hunts a vixen while others hunt the Marchwarden.
Part 5: Lun-a-tics
- Rumil and Orophin play on Haldir's guilt. Tilliel and Lindir's plans are foiled again.
Part 6: Consolation
- Feeling more like himself, Haldir goes with his brothers to purchase tunics for the Festival only to meet up with Lindir and leave depressed.
Part 7: Wolves in Sheeps' Clothing
- The Moonlight mayhem reaches its peak with unexpected results.
Part 8: Moonrakers
- Foolish confessions and balrogs leave some feeling better and some worse.
Part 9: Under the Hunters' Moon
- The Elves gather to celebrate the passing of Narbeleth into Rhiw. Orophin makes a bold move at Rumil's suggestion and Lindir's scorn sears more than Haldir.
Part 10: Over the Moon
- What does Galadriel have to do with all this? .
- Stars cross and lovers meet in an age old dance.


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