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Ratings CodeDescription
GVery clean, suitable for young children and all ages.
PGMay include kissing and/or implied ('fade to black') sex, can contain mild violence or an occasional swear word.
PG-13Sexual thoughts and making out but no actual sex scenes. May also contain some strong language and non-sexual violence.
PG-15Sexual thoughts and making out, full sex scenes implied but not explicitly detailed. May contain violence and/or use of strong language.
RFull sex scenes not explicitly detailed, possible violence and/or strong language. There are no R rated stories or art on this website.
NC-17Extreme, explicitly detailed sexual scenes, violence and/or use of language. There are no NC-17 rated stories or art on this website.

WarningsSome readers may be sensitive to certain topics, the following warnings are posted accordingly:
Implied RapeImplied situations that mention, without going into detail, consummated sex that is fully against one character's will.
ViolenceUnusually descriptive or graphic violence.
Character DeathNon-canon character death. Any death that does not follow book or movie canon.

The above Codes and Warnings were copied (with liberties and/or omissions)
from "The Library of Moria" web site.

Common Fanfiction AcronymsDescription
CanonThe original source material on which a fandom is based. When something is refered to as "canon", it is regarded as being essentially a verifiable fact in the given fandom.
FPFictional canon or original character in a story.
FPSFictional Person Slash. A fiction story written using canon or original characters that contains at least one same sex relationship.
SlashSlash. A story that expresses a romantic or sexual relationship between characters of the same gender, usually males (M/M pairings).
HetHet. A story that expresses a romantic or sexual relationship between characters of opposite gender, male/female (M/F pairings).
OCOriginal character. A non-canon character created by a fanfiction author.
OMCOriginal male character. A non-canon male character created by a fanfiction author.
OFCOriginal female character. A non-canon female character created by a fanfiction author.
Self-insertWhen an author writes him or herself into a story.
AUAlternate Universe. A variation from canon. A story set in a different universe or that satisfies a "what if" scenario.
AngstA genre which the stories usually have heavy and sometimes depressing themes, and have the characters suffering emotionally (and sometimes physically) in some way. Relationship break up, character death, hurt and comfort are all forms of angst stories.
Dark Fic"Dark" refers to plots which introduce elements such as death, violence, rape, betrayal, or loss.
WIPWork-in-progress. A story that is not completed.
A/NAuthor's Note

The Fanfiction Acronyms and definitions were obtained in full or part from "Wapedia - Wiki: List of fan fiction terms",


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