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The Gift
by Mirasaui

Summary: Tutored by the most renowned elves of Middle-earth, a young elf with a tragic past doubts his self-worth. A coming of age, romantic story featuring: Lindir/Glorfindel, Haldir/Erestor and others.
Disclaimer: The characters are Tolkien's creations, not mine. This is all just for fun.
Story Notes and Warnings: Mention of rape (implied), murder, child abuse. Mild slash. Non-canon names are either my creation or from Samantha's list on the website, "Elves". Sindarin translations are from Orchyd Constyne's Sindarin Phrasebook. Rating: PG-15.
Characters: Lindir/Glorfindel, Haldir/Erestor, others
Timeline: Early Third Age
Thanks to betas Lalaith Nienóri and Dinalphiel

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Part 1: Sleepless Nights
Part 2: Haldir's Tale - The Vale where the Bright Waters Meet
Part 3: A New Tradition
Part 4: Confidant
Part 5: Little Bird
Part 6: Confessions
Part 7: The Lords of the Dance
Part 8: On Your Mark
Part 9: The Bath House
Part 10: Matters of the Heart
Part 11: The Comfort of a Friend
Part 12: The Dark Side of the Moon
Part 13: Under the Stars
Part 14: Love Under the Stars
Part 15: The Healing House
Part 16: The Harpists
Part 17: The Market - Imladris
Part 18: Discord
Part 19: Dark Clouds
Part 20: The Library and the Prisoner
Part 21: The Calm before the Storm
Part 22: Tempest-tossed
Part 23: Out of the Mouths of Babes
Part 24: All for the Sake of Revenge
Part 25: Lost and Found
Part 26: On the Road toward Reconcilation
Part 27: Closure
Part 28: The Gift-giving


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